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Comment on Style Challenge: What to Wear With a Denim Corset Top? by Tara.

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Style Challenge: What to Wear With a Denim Corset Top?
I am not entering this one, but I made it 10 months ago and think it would work wonderfully with this denim top….

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Style Stealer: Jayma Mays wears ASOS horse print sweater
I personally have never understood the tiny animal print thing. When I was about 12, my grandmother gave me this hideous sweater with little dogs all over it, and it was the ugliest thing I have ever owned. I’d rather be naked (and trust me, other than my boyfriend, nobody wants to see that).

Style Stealer: Kourtney Kardashian ALSO wears ASOS horse-print!
I lust after those shoes, for real. Hate the rest of the outfit.

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Daily Fail: Milla Jovovich “needs to get a tan” says Mail
I think that she looks amazing. Gah, why can’t people just relax with all these ridiculous skin color “trends”? I don’t get mad at my cats for not having on-trend fur. I’m super pale, my best friend is nut brown. We’re both quite attractive.

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