Save or Splurge: Studded ballet flats by Daniblack and Giuseppe Zanotti


OK, let’s be honest: neither of the items in this edition of Save or Splurge are what you could call “bargains”, are they? Even the “save” option, the Daniblack shoes on the left of the picture, are $150, which is only a “saving” when you compare it to the $650 price tag of the Giuseppe Zanotti flats on the right.

Do the comparatively high prices make a difference, though? If you’re spending $150 anyway, does that make you think, “what the hell, may as well spend a few hundred more?”, or are the designer shoes just too expensive to justify, even if you’re already committed to making a bit of an investment in the style?

Tell us: assuming that you were hankering after a pair of studded ballet flats in the first place, would you choose to save or splurge?

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