Stuck-Together-Clothes: Nina Ricci cashmere lace top

Nina Ricci cashmere lace topYou know what’s most black cardigans are missing?  A sheer, pink lace insert, designed to look like another cardigan underneath.  But wait…surely adding a sheer insert completely defeats the object of stuck-together-clothes (which would be to save you from having to decide what to wear underneath if there’s another layer already stuck in for you)?  By adding a sheer layer, it only ensure you have put something else underneath for the sake of common decency.  Unless, of course, Nina Ricci have decided to have a go at making a Boob Window, in which case, we’re arresting them for that too.

Here’s an idea, rather than spending £638 on this cardi with the pointless insert, how about you go and buy an ordinary black cashmere cardi and put whatever you like under it?  If you’d rather buy this one though, you can do so here.

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