Stuck Together Clothes Crimes: Thakoon crepe-jersey wrap pants

Thakoon crepe-jersey wrap pants“The cool girl’s alternative to leggings” say Net-a-Porter of this item.  “Stuck together crime of fashion” say Fashion Police.  For yes, this is a pair of leggings with a skirt stuck to them.  Mind you, there is no risk of these leggings being worn as pants, is there?  But look, look at what they have been styled with!  We do believe this is yet another example of the peep toe boots rule (if it has been styled with peep toe boots, it is probably a crime of fashion).

But what’s that Net-A-Porter?  You want how much for this viscose-nylon blend creation?  £645 you say?  Why yes, that’s a perfectly reasonable price for a pair of leggings.

What do you think though readers?  Would you wear a leggings-skirt hybrid?  Would you pay £645 for it?  If the answer to both those questions is yes, then click here to buy.

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