Stuck Together Clothes Crimes: Sonia Rykiel two piece cardigan dress

Sonia Rykiel two piece cardigan dressAt first glance this is just an innocuous oversize cardigan.  But of course it’s not though, is it?  Because we wouldn’t be showing it to you if that was all it was.  No, this is an oversize cardigan with a piece of velvet stitched into the v neck.  Sonia Rykiel thinks her customers are not bright enough to work out for themselves that they could put a grey sweater over a black top.  Not only does it look like you forgot to put on your trousers, you also can’t remove the cardi if you get too warm.  And on the flip side, why would you want a cardi that you can’t layer over another top?  Surely the reason most people add a cardi is to keep them warm.  Sorry folks, you can’t do that with this one!

If you want to buy this basically useless piece of knitwear, it will set you back £338 and it is available at My Wardrobe.

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