Stuck Together Clothes Crimes: R13 leather stretch and denim jeans

Stuck Together Clothes

You know when you wear your denim hotpants OVER your leather trousers? It can be kind of uncomfortable, can’t it? Thank goodness, then, for R13, who’ve solved the problem we didn’t even know we had, by creating this shorts/pants hybrid, which gives you all the, er, “style” of denim-shorts-over-leather-pants, without the discomfort of it. And all of sudden, the world is a better place, except not really, because seriously, WHO DOES THAT? Who wears denim shorts over leather pants? Or ANY shorts over ANY pants? And why would you want to pay £521 to do it?

We don’t know the answer to any of these questions. We do, however, know that this item is headed straight to Fashion Police jail: you can click here to liberate it.

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