Stuck together clothes crimes: Missoni silk and crochet jumpsuit

D’you know something, readers? These are not actually a bad pair of trousers. We mean, they’re not to The Fashion Police’s personal tastes, but as trousers go? Not bad. And the blouse, well, it’s quite fetching in an office-appropriate or “lunching-with-the-mother-in-law” kinda way. And as for the belt – well, we’d actually quite like the belt, if it were, in fact, a belt – as oppose to the waistband responsible for holding this whole jumpsuit together…

What we can’t figure out is why this outfit needs to be a jumpsuit in the first place. Does the phrase “capsule wardrobe” mean nothing to Missoni? Wouldn’t they make more money selling two, even three separate pieces here? Why make bathroom trips so much more difficult without good reason?

Why, Missoni, why?

Missoni silk and crochet jumpsuit, £1460 £438 from The Outnet

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