Stuck Together Clothes Crimes: Miss Selfridge Harness dress

miss selfridge harness dress

At first we weren’t sure whether this was a Stuck Together Clothes Crime, or another case of the Clothes Slasher in action.

Now we that we’ve had time to examine the evidence, however (a bit too much time, if we’re completely honest: it’s like looking at a car crash, isn’t it?), we can confidently say that what we’re dealing with here is a dress-attached-to-a-harness-attached-to-a-boob-tube.

Which is… yeah.

Of course, we have to admit to a degree of bias where this garment is concerned, because we HATE harnesses. Yes, we’re aware that they’re edgy and unexpected. We’re really struggling to give a damn, though.

Anyway, enough about us: what say you to this example of STC (Stuck Together Clothes), jurors? Crime or fine?

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