Stuck Together Clothes Crimes: Kettle Black ‘His Pants’ with attached thermal leggings

You know what sucks, readers? When it’s absolutely freezing outside, but you really, really want to wear your knee-length khaki pants, and absolutely nothing else in your wardrobe will do. Seriously, what’s a girl to do?

Well, D’UH! You would wear them with a pair of white thermal leggings underneath, obviously! Because that wouldn’t look odd, or detract from the appearance of the shorts AT ALL, would it?

Seriously, though, in the world of the Fashion Victim, there’s only one thing better than a pair of shorts worn with thermals underneath them (Edgy! Directional! Unexpected!), and that’s a pair of shorts with thermal leggings ATTACHED to them.

We couldn’t make this stuff up, could we?

These are by Kettle Black are they’re down to just $47.50 at Shopbop, and sold out in everything except size 31, so somewhere in the world, there are people walking around who can’t separate their shorts from their long johns. If you’d like to join that exclusive clique, click here.

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