Designer Dupes: Striped dresses edition

So, did you all get the message that black and white stripes are, like, SO HOT this year? Because we could probably mention it a few more times if you’re not totally sure yet. Since the word was passed down from the powers that be, designer labels have been churning out black and white striped dresses like they’re going out of fashion. Which they will be, of course, but probably not until next season. Luckily for those of you who love the designer look, but hate the designer price tag, the high street brands have been equally busy making their own versions “inspired by” designers.

Here are some expensive striped dresses… and their more affordable high street counterparts.

Striped dresses: Designer Vs High Street

striped dresses by Marc Jacobs and Topshop

BUY: Marc by Marc |  Topshop

A simple, short-sleeved shift with both horizontal and vertical stripes. The Marc Jacobs version might be more flattering thanks to the darted area around the waist, but the Topshop version knocks one digit off the price tag, so you might just be willing to compromise. Topshop have also switched around the stripes with this: while the designer dress uses horizontal stripes on the bodice and vertical stripes on the skirt, the high street version is the other way around. So that makes it totally different, then.

Which do you prefer?

designer inspired dresses: Topshop and Docle & Gabanna

Topshop to the rescue again! Or not, as the case may be: there are obvious differences between these two styles, and we don’t think many people would have difficulty telling them apart, but the basic idea is still similar: full skirt, crew neck, short sleeves, stripes… The Topshop  dress is sold out online, so we we don’t have the exact price, but we’d guess it’ll be in the £40 range, if you want to check for it in-store. The Dolce & Gabanna version, meanwhile, can be found at My Theresa.

Which would you buy?

monochrome striped dresses by Lanvin and Warehouse

BUY: Lanvin | Warehouse

Our final example is much closer to the idea of what “designer inspired” really means: (Or what it used to mean before high street brands started to just rip off the runway in the name of “inspiration”) they’re both striped dresses, sure, but aside from similarities in shape, they’re actually completely different. When worn, though, the Warehouse dress will create a similar kind of effect to the Lanvin one, albeit the stripes will be a little narrower, and you’ll have an extra £2,115 in your pocket.

So, three sets of striped dresses, in different styles and different price-points, and three ways to get a designer look on a high street budget. Would you wear any of these, though? Which would you choose, if so? 

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