Dress of the Day: Alexandra Dillon’s strapless tuxedo dress at Victoria’s Secret

strapless tuxedo dress at Victoria's Secret
I know “they” say you should never wear white after Labor Day, but hey, rules were made to be broken, and given that this dress is winter white I think we can claim a special dispensation to wear it.  It’s by Alexandra Dillon, and while in most cases I’d hesitate to wear a white dress to anything other than a wedding (and then only if I was the bride, obviously), the tuxedo detailing and big black bow makes this one very wearable. The retro-style foldover top is one of my favourite looks at the moment, and, well, we all know I’m a sucker for bows

I’d wear it with black patent stilettos and a matching clutch bag. You, of course, can wear it any way you like. It’s $129 at Victoria’s Secret

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