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Strange Sunglasses: Kerin Rose lace-covered and paint-spattered sunnies

Well, Lady Gaga is going to just love these, isn’t she? The lace-covered ones, especially, because as we all know, if it’s strange-looking AND fails to fulfill the purpose it was made for, that’s a definite win on the “fashion-is-art-and-don’t-you-forget-it” front.

Of course, we’re just assuming it would be difficult to see through a layer of lace. Maybe it isn’t. Maybe you’re supposed to wear them on your head, rather than over your eyes. Maybe you’re only supposed to wear them in an ironic way. Who knows. What we do know is the the lace-covered glasses from the image above are £220 at Browns, the paint-spattered ones next to them are £280, and the pearl and chain trimmed glasses are £260 and £250 respectively.

What do you think of them, though?

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