Strange Shoes: Upcycled cowboy boots

lace covered cowboy boots

You know how, when you buy new shoes, they often come wrapped in tissue paper, to protect them from damage inside the box?

You all know you’re supposed to remove that tissue paper before you wear them, right?

OK. Just checking. These boots are wrapped in fabric, not paper, but they still create the same kind of impression for us. We’re also wondering just how practical it’ll be to have that white fabric trailing around next to the muddy ground. Is it just us who’d have that ruined within seconds? Do other people have pristine streets to walk on? Aren’t cowboy boots supposed to look a little bit roughed-up?

These wouldn’t work for us, but that, of course, doesn’t mean they won’t work for anyone else, in which case you need to know that they’re vintage boots, which have been “upcycled” with the addition of things like fabric, belts, and other accessories, so every pair is different.

What do you think? Would you wear these? Could you keep them clean?

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