Strange Shoes: Christian Louboutin ‘Police’ measuring tape sandals

These shoes are called “Police”, so naturally we had to investigate them. Well, we can’t have a shoe trying to pass itself off as a police officer without our approval, can we?

As far as our approval goes, however, we’re just not sure whether to grant it in this case, so we’re turning to you, our readers. These are by Christian Louboutin, they’re made to look like a measuring tape cunningly would around your feet and ankles and if you’re at all paranoid about the size of your ankles, we’d venture to suggest they’re probably not for you, although we suspect M. Louboutin may be making a wry comment on fashion’s obsession with size, here.

All the same, what do you think of these? And, more to the point, would you spent $795 on them? If you would, click here to buy them from Neiman Marcus.

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