The Story of a Skirt

bucket shaped skirt

So, here’s what we think happened: it was The Clothes Ripper. Yes, AGAIN.

This poor model was obviously just walking around, minding her own business, as you do. In a $160 bra. Well, we’ve all been there, haven’t we? Maybe everything else was in the wash that day, who knows? Anyway, she’s minding her own business, as we said, when out he pops: THE CLOTHES RIPPER! And he makes off with her trousers/jeans/skirt/whatever she was wearing before this skirt took over.

So there she is, poor thing: alone on the street, with just a powder blue bra for cover. What does our quick-thinking model do? She pops into the nearest convenience store, buys herself a cheap plastic bucket, a pair of scissors and some string, and there you have it – a cleverly made skirt, which, OK, doesn’t exactly LOOK great, but which will, at least, protect her modesty until she can go home and change!

OK, that ISN’T what happened. Actually, the skirt costs $570, and is inspired by “children’s cut-out drawings”. So, if you were to say it was designed by a child… you’d be wrong: but you’d be on the right lines.

Absolutely nothing about this outfit looks even remotely comfortable to us (and, again, we’re left wondering what kind of occasion it would be deemed appropriate for), but, of course, that’s presumably not the point, and we’re definitely not the target audience, so what would we know?

Given the choice, though, we’re not sure we wouldn’t choose the outfit above over the one below:

model in toddler outfit

Toddler attire at its finest. Or NOT at its finest, as the case may be. Will the Dress Like a Toddler Trend ever end? Not while there are people willing to spend £370 on things like this, it won’t. And, looking at the height of that crotch, we’re not sure how comfortable THIS would be, either…

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