Stiletto snow boots: WHY?

Red_snow_boots  When apprehending crimes of fashion, there are some items we just have to turn a blind eye to. Snow boots are one of those items because, well, they’re snow boots. They’re not meant to be pretty, and there are some occasions in life when even The Fashion Police would be forced to admit that comfort, warmth, and not breaking a leg come before style: walking around in snow and ice being one of them.

None of this applies to these boots, however. By adding a pointed toe and stiletto heel to the mix, these boots have effectively rid themselves of the "ugly but practical" tag that would have saved them from Fashion Police jail. Instead, they’re marking themselves out as "fashion items" and, as such, we have no alternative but to take them into custody.

The straw that broke The Fashion Police’s backs? The wearing of the stiletto snow boots with bare legs and a mini skirt. Because that’s going to work out really well in the snow…

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