Stella McCartney’s wooden accordion clutch bag

As Net-a-Porter say, this is definitely a “statement” clutch bag. What we’re wondering, however, is just what kind of statement you think it’s making.

There is, of course, the “Hey, I look a bit like an accordion!” statement. There’s the “Bet you’re wondering how you’re supposed to carry anything small in me without it falling through the gaps!” statement. (The answer to that one is that it comes with a removable pouch – take a look below the jump to see it.) And there’s also the “well, I’m definitely different from all those other clutch bags you see around!” statement, and the “Wow, I’m worth £1,335!” ones.

But what is this bag saying to YOU, oh readers? Would you buy it? If you would, head over to Net-a-Porter, and have your credit card at the ready.

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