Crimes of Fashion, Trousers/Pants

Stella McCartney’s floral print jumpsuit: words fail us


Forgive us.

We know that lots of you love your jumpsuits, and, indeed, we’re happy to concede that most jumpsuits are not crimes of fashion – or at least, not on this scale, anyway.

When Stella McCartney created this jumpsuit, though, God only knows what kind of buyer she had in mind. People who aim never to have sex again, perhaps? Heather Mills? Who knows. All we can say is that even the mannequin has turned her back on the camera, for shame at being seen in this thing. And what’s with the dangly bits under the crotch, Stella? It makes the jumpsuit look like it’s peeing itself, and that’s rarely a good thing, we find.

Are you ready for the real kicker, though? This little beauty will set you back £765. Seven. Hundred. And. Sixty. Five. Pounds. That’s around $1530, for the benefit of those of you across the pond. Gulp.

So, tell us: who do you think Stella had in mind when she made this? Was it you?

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