Stella McCartney’s deer rucksacks for LeSportsac


Oh, deer. Sorry, we couldn’t resist…

Actually these deer rucksacks by Stella McCartney for LeSportsac aren’t the worst thing The Fashion Police have seen all year – not by a long shot. And we daresay there are people out there with gaping holes in their wardrobes – holes which can only be filled by rucksacks in the shape of giant deer heads. Those people will no doubt be thrilled to know that they can buy these for $85 each. Those of you who have never dreamed of having the disembodied head of a ruminant mammal attached to your backs, meanwhile, can perhaps check out some of Ms McCartney’s other designs for the brand, none of which have antlers.

Which group are you in, readers? The antlers or the no-antlers?

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