Stella McCartney gives the boiler suit a fashion makeover. Only not really.

Boiler_suit Ah, the humble boiler suit! Who knew that one day it would be a high fashion item? Certainly not the army of plumbers, painters and other workmen who still wear their boiler suits with little or no idea that as they paint ceilings, plumb in sinks and go about their other day-to-day business, they are in fact teetering at the very height of fashion!

If only they had known that one day boiler suits would come with a £500 price tag (OK, £495, but let’s not quibble), perhaps they’d have stocked up sooner, and would, even now, be running thriving fashion boutiques, selling off all their old clothes! Or, actually, maybe not, because it’s only Stella McCartney who can charge £500 for a cotton boiler suit. And, lest we forget, it’s only people who have a genuine need to cover up their ordinary clothes who should really be wearing them…even cropped ones, like this.

(According to Browns, of course, this look can be "made fabulously glamorous with towering heels and bold gems. Must remember to tell the plumber…)

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