New “shoes pretending to be socks” crime from Stella McCartney

Sock_boot Oh Stella, Stella…

Look, we know you don’t like leather, and we applaud you for finding ways to enjoy fashion without compromising your principles, but surely you don’t have to resort to a pair of your dad’s old socks stuffed inside a "shoot" now, do you?

The sad thing about this piece of footwear is that the shoe boot itself would’ve been mighty fine, had it not had that chunky man’s sock attached to it. Such a waste. Such a terrible, terrible waste…

$1,195 is what you’ll pay for these polyester shoes with sock attachment, folks. Are you tempted?

Product: Stella McCartney sock ankle bootie, Neiman Marcus


  • July 11, 2008


    I’m horrified! I’m a huge Stella McCartney fan, but this really an abomination.

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  • July 11, 2008


    Not only pretending to be socks, but pretending to be really ugly socks!

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  • July 12, 2008


    All Stella’s shoes and bags are awful. It’s really hard to make a good shoe/bag without using leather. She did some vile raffia sandals and in netaporter at the moment there are some polyester, acid blue, flat, pointy MESH sandals… need I say more? She should stick to clothes which are slightly better although I have seen some rank things there as well.

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