Once your age hits the double digits, it’s time to …

Comment on Star Style Wars: Leighton Meester Vs Blake Lively by Miranda.

Once your age hits the double digits, it’s time to stop wearing rompers. I don’t like Leighton’s outfit, but at least it’s age-appropriate.

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Tights Are Not Pants: Pamela Mann “ski pants”
I definitely don’t think they are pants in any sense, but since they are $12 and come in blue (my roller derby team’s colors are black and blue), I want a pair. 🙂

UGG make wedges: Fashion Police don’t hate them
I wouldn’t pay $240 (or whatever the pounds-to-US-dollars rate is these days) for them, but they are definitely cute. That’s the first time I’ve ever liked footwear made by UGG.

Primark criticised for selling padded bikinis for little girls
I just think bikinis on little girls are tacky. My 7-year-old niece wanted one last summer and my SIL — who is an awesome mom — said no. She would have let her have a tankini, but niece didn’t want one of those, so she got a one-piece.

I definitely think they were right to pull this product. I think they were insane to put it out in the first place.

Daylight Robbery? Karl Lagerfeld’s $80 coke bottle
I love Diet Coke, but … no. Absolutely not.

Daylight Robbery: Lanvin one ups the usual expensive kicks with $530 Lace Up Satin Sneakers
They look pretty similar to Simple sneakers, which can be had for about $50 US. So, definitely Daylight Robbery in my opinion. Though they *are* cute …

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