Dress of the Day: Star Print Dress by Louise Amstrup

Starprintdress As soon as I spotted this star print dress over at Shiny Squirrel, I just knew I had to make it Dress of the Day, if only to show all of the readers who come here searching for Topshop’s star print dress a dress which I think knocks spots – I mean stars– off it.

This dress is actually a couple of seasons old, but stars are going to be big this year (trust me), so if you can find one, grab it. Or, you know, send it to us.

It was only after I uploaded the image, though, that I noticed the expression on the models face. Isn’t that the best expression ever? Dont you just love her?

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  • January 16, 2008


    Love the dress, love the model. I hope she hasn’t got learning dofficulties otherwise I am going straight to hell for laughing.

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  • January 16, 2008



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  • January 21, 2008


    thanks so much for posting from the site. I love the dress a lot as well, but that model scares the hell out of me. Maybe it is the hair or enormous forehead!

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