Star print dresses: enough already?


Sometimes a fashion trend becomes so instantly ubiquitous that it’s over almost before it began, with people so bored of it that they just stop buying. The Fashion Police fear that this is starting to happen for us with star print.

As we patrolled the Internet in the early hours of this morning, for instance, we found this star print dress at ASOS, and yet another star print dress new in at Topshop and while we like them both, we found ourselves wanting to shout "Enough, already!" as the tide of star print items currently hitting the stores threatens to turn into a tidal wave.

Star print, of course, has been around since Alexa Chung wore that Topshop dress way back last year, but the current crop of dresses and other items are part of the S/S 08 stock -clearly the retailers would like star print to live on for another season at least.Given that we’re already sick of stars, though, we’re wondering how long can it last? Will star print turn into the Great British Uniform, or will people start to back off, scared of either looking like fashion victims, or just of looking like everyone else in the land?

Are you still wearing star print? Do you think the trend has gone too far?


  • March 3, 2008


    As much as this trend seems to have exploded all over blogs and celebrities, I haven’t actually seen it worn by everyday people yet. This is probably because I live in America, and most of these star-print items seem to be coming from British stores. Anyway, I would still wear it.

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  • March 3, 2008


    I never really was completely on board the star ship (lol, no pun intended). I used to have these shiny spandex tights with multi-colored stars on them when I was…I don’t know…8? I liked them a lot but…I was 8. And I still think stars are adorable…on 8 yr olds. Every model I see wearing a star print looks a little juvenile to me.

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  • March 4, 2008


    I quite like star-print, but I have refused to buy a single star-spangled item of clothing, because I absolutely loathe on-trend dressing. I don’t like Uggs, I never understood skinny jeans, and I refuse to dress like everyone else on the high-street.

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  • March 5, 2008


    I think star print might be around for a while. It’s only just come into fashion in a BIG way recently BUT it has kinda always been there in a kitsch kinda way, just like heart print, or polka dot. I love it and its a welcome change from the polka dot phase which has been in fashion for about oh lets see…………….. a million years! 😛

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