I think it’s awesome – full props to her for …

Comment on Stacy Haiduk carries a “cat purse” to the Daytime Emmy Awards by Claire.

I think it’s awesome – full props to her for taking on screen madness to the awards. Makes me wish our UK soaps were a bit more like the American ones – I remember being utterly addicted to sunset beach in its day.

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Crimes of Fashion | Sack dress, flatforms & other style suspects
I love the coke bottle shoes, but I’d pay ‘joke’ price for them, not that price.

Flatforms are the most unflattering shoe….

Spaghetti straps over t-shirts: the 90s revived
I saw this in the shops the other day and thought omg the 90s are back! And then felt very, very old.

Wanted Wednesday | H&M Trenchcoat
Do not like! It looks like a small jacket worn over a coat, or over a dress to me. It’s as baffling as a jumper with a shirt collar sewn into it.

Dress of the Day: Moschino Cheap & Chic bow-embellished stretch-crepe dress
For some reason, that bow looks like a moustache to me

Crime of Fashion? Brose ‘Jill’ chiffon maxi skirt
I regret my life does not present me with opportunities to wear stuff like this. It’s great! I would need massive diamonds to go with it and a gent in a tux.

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