Are square toed shoes making a comeback?


Anyone remember The Witches, by Roald Dahl? In the book, the witches in question had huge, square feet with no toes, and, to the young Fashion Police Commissioner, these feet were the most frightening things ever. Seriously.

This is what we think of when we look at square toed shoes. It’s not that we hate them: in fact , sometimes we find ourselves looking at square toed shoes and really wanting to like them, but something holds us back. Maybe it’s The Witches, maybe it’s just the fact that every time we’ve tried them on they’ve made our feet look oddly short and clumsy. Or maybe it’s just that we really prefer something a little more elegant.

What do you think of square toed shoes? Is it a case of love, hate, or does it just depend on the individual shoe?

Shoes: Flats, Azzedine Alaia, heels, Balenciaga

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