Spring Capsule Wardrobe

spring capsule wardrobe 2014

Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2014

Spring is in the air – at least, we hope so – which means many of you are probably starting to think about packing away the winter woolies to make way for the lighter, brighter spring collections. So, what will you be wearing in spring 2014? To help you decide, we’ve put together a quick spring capsule wardrobe for 2014 consisting of just 22 mix-n-match items to get you through the season in style.

Before we get on to the items themselves – and the outfits you can create with them – we just want to stress that this isn’t an exhaustive list, and it isn’t a “one style fits all” type of thing, either. We’ve created our spring capsule wardrobe with the classic dresser in mind: these are the type of items you can use to build a selection of smart/casual outfits which are contemporary without being too trendy, and which should (hopefully) stand the test of time and see you well into NEXT spring, and maybe even the one after.

All of our chosen items come from the spring 2014 collections, and, at the time of writing, are available to buy from UK high street stores. We haven’t set a particular budget, but we have done our best to select affordable items in the low to mid-range price points, as opposed to aspirational designer pieces. That said, although we’ve put together this spring capsule wardrobe specifically for spring 2014, should you be reading this a couple of years from now or in a country these brands don’t ship to, you should be able to find similar alternatives without too much difficulty.

The key to this spring capsule wardrobe lies in the colour mix: we’ve stuck to a palette of mostly reds, navys and whites, with a couple of other colours thrown in. By making sure all of the colours in your capsule can be worn with each other, you can create dozens of different outfits from just a few pieces. Here are our 22 items:

Inside our Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2014:

OUTERWEAR & ACCESSORIES: Trench Coat | Jersey Blazer | Scarf | Belt
SWEATERS & TOPS: Breton sweater | White t-shirt |  Stripe shell top| Yellow cardigan | Navy cardigan
TROUSERS & JEANSRed jeans | White trousers | Blue jeans
SHOES: Polka dot slingbacks | Red wedges | Nude peep toes
DRESSES & SKIRTS: Polka dot dress | Flared dress | Full Skirt | Pencil skirt
EXTRAS: Necklace | Bag | Shirt

And here are 22 outfits you can create with them:

Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2014 | 22 outfits from 22 items

The Ultimate Collection of Capsule Wardrobes


  • March 13, 2014


    Grat outfits, you are an inspiration!

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  • March 13, 2014


    Fabulous outfits!

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  • March 13, 2014


    This is a great idea for people who live somewhere spring lasts more than a day. Alas, I live in Chicago.

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  • March 13, 2014


    Thanks a lot for this post. I am still learning and I get distracted by multiple patterns, shapes and colors. I am drawn to very exotic things but look lots better in classics.

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    • March 14, 2014

      The Fashion Police

      I think the good thing about a capsule like this is that it gives you the basis of a wardrobe, which you can then add more interesting patterns, shapes etc into – it would be pretty boring to stick to the same palette all the time, but at least it gives you something to fall back on!

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  • March 18, 2014

    Julie Winther

    Perfect wardrobe 🙂 I just bought this blazer: http://www.noanoa.com/en/product?skuid=1-3840-100000001. And I love it because it fits to a perfect wardrobe.

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