Spotted! Kate Hudson in a Louis Vuitton poncho at the premiere of The Killer Inside Me

Kate Hudson Killer Inside Me Premiere Fashion Police

Now, we know what we said about ponchos earlier this week. We weren’t exactly warm in our appreciation of them, were we? If ponchos must be worn, though, we think they ought to look like this one, as worn by Kate Hudson to the premiere of The Killer Inside Me last night. It’s by Louis Vuitton (not a brand we’ve ever really loved, we must admit), and while we probably wouldn’t have given it a second glance on the rack, we think Kate’s carrying it off exceptionally well, don’t you?

Underneath the poncho, Kate wore a black dress (also by Vuitton), which seemed determined to create a wardrobe malfunction for the actress: co-star Jessica Alba had to step in to prevent Kate “doing a Marilyn”, as we like to think of it. Take a look at the gallery to see what we mean, and to have a quick look at what Jessica wore, too!

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