Well its definitely trampier than we usually see her. It …

Comment on Spotted: Emma Watson wears Rodarte to Harvey Nichols party by Liz.

well its definitely trampier than we usually see her. It honestly looks like she went dumpster diving for fabric, sewed it all together, then got mauled, and is waiting for her fairy godmother to make her pretty again for the ball….

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What to Wear with Wet Look Leggings, Part 4
All of them are really cute, although i have to say, i think with the wet leggings look, less is more accessory/clothing wise. one or two strong accents are more powerful than 5 or 7 that can start to clutter the look.
Good job you guys! 🙂

Red Carpet Roundup: Celebrity Fashion at the MTV Music Awards
Kristin Stewart – sulky reluctant, and grungy does not equal edgy or fashion OR awards show…mtv movie awards show or not. The shape, I’m ok with. the colors, i’m ok with. the pattern and the neckline make me a little sick. (but not as much as her hair and overly dark make-up)
Taraji P. Henson – I would say she ties with Kristin for just bad tastes. I mean…the shape of the dress could have been really fun ………seriously? you have to ask WHO is letting these girls out of the house.
Vanessa Hudgens- All around she is supremely ORANGE. the dress is too shapeless on her, the dark shoes don’t go with the gold accents, and there was SO MUCH SIDE/UNDERBOOB!!! It looks like she just got off the beach, and only had satin to make a beach-wrap out of.
On the Fence:
Rumor Willis – cute dress, cute shape, I’m a little worried by the mosaic pattern. Its just not as eye catching as other outfits. But it does look nice. As a dress. maybe she’s not the right shape for it? I’m not sure.
Sienna Miller- nice concept…but there are lumps showing out of that dress that ought not to be (in my humble opinion). maybe its just the photo but its a little underwhelming. it isn’t bad though.
Ashley Tisdale- it looks fantastic on her, but its borderline too short. But it has a “go-go” look to it that is rather endearing on her.
Hayden Panettiere -I like Hayden’s dress better than Ashley’s. it just works on her, and it pops. its CUTE, and it makes you say ‘wow i want that!’. the neckline disturbs me a little bit, but hayden pulled it off. it came through, while Taraji’s swept up the dust behind.

Wear or Die: Clubwear Edition
I’d go with the ugly leopard print one, because a) SLIGHTLY more fabric than the first…b) maybe i could go to a themed party….and NOT be the sluttiest looking one there…(because the others will have chosen dress b…….)
…..wait…is the skirt of the leopard print see through? it looks like it….
i choose DEATH. i’d even take a painful one.

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