I could see Kirsten Stewart wear this. And it’s NOT …

Comment on Spotted: Emma Watson wears Rodarte to Harvey Nichols party by Madeline.

I could see Kirsten Stewart wear this. And it’s NOT a compliment!

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Shoe Porn: Zara black pointed toe court shoes
Salivating!!!! Best shoe porn ever!

Burberry Prorsum’s studded trench jacket
It’s a teenage girl dad’s dream come true! Make sure those punks stay at least 20 cm away from my daughter :))

Celebrity Style on Trial: Katherine Heigl in stripes at the 13th annual ASPCA Bergh Ball
Love the Jane Eyre link. Though, admittedly, Jane would know better than to wear that hideous curtain pattern. She would wear her pale gray simple silk gown with her pearls. Yeah, i know, i AM a Jane fan 🙂 Heigl would be perfect as the mean, spoiled and beautiful lady who’s after the said earl’s money :))

Style on trial: Givenchy Tribal Print Leggings
Sadly, the creators behind the famous LBD dress from Breakfast at Tiffany’s have long been gone from the helm of Givenchy. Ricardo Tisci is their curent designer and he’s brought a very different approach at Givenchy over the past seasons – much more avant-garde and rock&roll.

Designer Vs High Street: BCBG Vs Forever 21
Oh, and sorry for the excessive use of the word better. I’m in exam frenzy right now and can barely keep my eyes focused 😛

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