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Spot the Difference: Bow shift dresses by Primark and Ted Baker

This post isn’t what you probably think it is. You see, normally when we show you this kind of lookie-likey thing, it’s the high street brand that’s been “inspired” by the designer. In this case, however, what you see in front of you is a Ted Baker dress from this season… which looks an awful lot like one Primark released in winter of 2008. Hmm.

Of course, we guess this could just be a co-incidence, albeit a big one, because while there are some subtle differences between the two designs, you’d have to be looking closely to spot them. The natural order of things has been reversed in order of price, too: we don’t remember how much the Primark dress retailed for when it came out, but it wasn’t more than £20 (you can now find them on eBay for less than that); the Ted Baker dress, meanwhile, is £129 at ASOS.com.

Which came first, we wonder?

(Thanks to Fashion Police reader Hannah for pointing this one out to us!)

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