Spaghetti straps over t-shirts: the 90s revived

We haven’t said much about the 90s-revival that’s been going on in fashion for a while now: mostly because we were hoping that if we ignored it for long enough, it would simply go away. Well, it didn’t go away. And now the stores are full of items of clothing that look like this:

90s fashion

Dresses: Miss Selfridge

Spagetti-strap dresses over white t-shirts: all you need is a velvet choker and a pair of Doc Martens, and it’ll be like 1995 never ended. GOD. Back then, of course, people wore ACTUAL dresses, over ACTUAL t-shirts, not this “stuck together” nonsense that prevails nowadays. This was all fields then, of course. Onesies were just for babies. Crocs hadn’t been invented. People didn’t need their clothes to be stuck together in order to work out which shapeless floral dress to layer over which white t-shirt. Of course, the fact that people were actually WEARING spaghetti-strap dresses over t-shirts is all the evidence we need that the 90s wasn’t exactly the most stylish decade either – which is why we weren’t particularly thrilled to see these dresses (and all of the other 90s-inspired fashions that are around right now) back in fashion.

Of course, we’re prepared to admit to a slight bias here. We remember this trend from the first time around, you see, and while we don’t subscribe to the belief that if you wore a trend the first time it came around, you should always avoid it the second time, even when the dresses in question AREN’T attached to the t-shirts, we still find this one kinda awkward. We may have fond memories of watching Blossom, but that doesn’t mean we want to dress like her…

What do you think of the spahetti-straps-over-t-shirts revival? Crime of fashion, or just a logical way to wear a strappy dress but keep your shoulders covered at the same time?

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