Sound the ‘pyjamas in public klaxon

h&m pyjama outfit

Pyjamas in public have long been a source of concern for The Fashion Police, but, at first glance, we honestly didn’t think that was what we were dealing with here. No, our first thought, upon reviewing the evidence above (found on the H&M website) was that this was a particularly unfortunate looking pair of pyjamas, sure, but, pyjamas aren’t exactly a crime of fashion, are they? What people choose to wear in the privacy of their own home, after all, is none of our concern … so it was only when we realised that we were not, in fact, looking at the nightwear section of the H&M website, that we started to get a little bit alarmed.

As it turns out, we were right to be alarmed, for these are NOT, actually pyjamas – what you’re looking at is, in fact, a trousers and shirt set, designed to be worn together, individually or, well, not at all, if you’re anything like us, and know that wearing this outfit in public would only encourage the neighbours to assume you were sleepwalking, and call for assistance. Which would actually be significantly less embarrassing than having to admit that, no, you weren’t still asleep when you left the house in this outfit – you made a conscious decision that it would make a great #OOTD. (Seriously, can you even imagine having to keep explaining, over and over again, that these aren’t pyjamas? Because we reckon that would get really old, really fast…)

We’re also really curious why, if people really MUST look like they’re wearing nightwear in public, does it always have to be oversized PJs – or, heaven forbid, onesies. Why not something like THIS, say?

Only Hearts Silk Chemise

(Only Hearts silk chemise in vintage ivory)

Oh, come on: it wouldn’t be THAT much stranger than pyjamas in public, would it? And surely it’s the natural next step in this ongoing trend?

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