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Sophie Ellis-Bextor wears white ankle socks to the Samsung 3D Television Party

Sophie Ellis-Bextor the Samsung 3D Television Party Fashion Police

Cute or childish?

When we last broached the issue of whether adults can get away with ankle socks, many of you felt that while it’s OK if you happen to be Rihanna (as are so many things in life!), this is ultimately a look that’s only for the very, very young. Like, toddlers, say (although maybe not with heels).

Here’s 31-year-old Sophie Ellis-Bextor, however, flying in the face of that piece of fashion advice, and proudly wearing her white ankle socks and (rather scuffed) white shoes to the Samsung 3D Television Party in London this week. We love her dress, cardigan and bag here… but we do think this cute little outfit would have been even cuter if it didn’t look like she’d somehow woken up with the feet of a toddler on the body of a 31-year-old woman.

What do you think? Socks and stilettos were OK on Rihanna, but are they OK on Sophie?

socks and stilettos

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