Sonia Rykiel and the Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat Cardigan

35742_in_l We know what you’re (probably) thinking here, folks, but this isn’t someone’s knitting project gone wrong. No, this is a "hot catwalk look". How do you tell the difference between that ill-advised cardi your granny knitted you back in the 80s and a "hot catwalk look", though? Well, that’s easy: the difference is exactly £660. See?

Yes, £660. That’s how much Net-a-Porter are expecting people to pay for what they call "this season’s cosy trend" and we call "Oh God, we’re blind! Help us!"

We won’t deny that this is probably "cosy", but it reminds us of the kind of thing children’s TV presenters used to wear, complete with poodle perms and huge, brightly coloured spectacles (normally red), so, for that reason, we’re going to keep our £660 in the bank, "catwalk look" or not.

If you want to wear your £660 on your Technicolor back, however, you can buy this at Net-a-Porter.