Style on Trial: Toe-less over the knee socks

Socks So… does anyone else see a pair of surgical bandages when they look at this picture? Just us?

These are Emilio Cavallini’s toe-less over the knee socks. As far as we can work out, the trend in hoisery has gone something like this:

Stage 1: Tights become leggings, simply by cutting off their feet. We accept this, and try our best to get along with our new legging overlords.

Stage 2:  Tights become over-the-knee socks, because someone works out that that actually doesn’t look too bad. We accept this too, even although we’re starting to feel a little bit like cheerleaders, because we were totally down with hold-ups, and the over-the-knee socks are just one step removed.

Stage 3: Some bright spark decides that, "Hey! We could mate the leggings with the over-the-knee-socks, and there would be absolutely nothing wrong with that at all!" 

We’re not convinced. Are you?


  • March 10, 2008


    It’s just terribly executed. I kind of love the sheer leg warmer trend but not as it’s shown here. eesh. Here, look at this…
    Personally, I don’t wear leg warmers because it doesn’t suit my lifestyle, but i think they could be interesting layering pieces.

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  • March 10, 2008


    I think the really bad thing about this is that the shoes come up over the toeless sock-legwarmer-legging THINGS. I’m firmly against toeless things with foot-visible shoes (peep-toes with sheer hose may be the exception).

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  • September 14, 2010


    I don’t mind that kind of thing that much. I’ve got a pair of light brown thick knit ones I wear on cold days. They’re cosy, and they aren’t ugly. The white is really unflattering, it can make anything look cheap. The only good white on long socks is when they’re nice and thick and have a pattern.

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