Style on Trial: Toe-less over the knee socks

Socks So… does anyone else see a pair of surgical bandages when they look at this picture? Just us?

These are Emilio Cavallini’s toe-less over the knee socks. As far as we can work out, the trend in hoisery has gone something like this:

Stage 1: Tights become leggings, simply by cutting off their feet. We accept this, and try our best to get along with our new legging overlords.

Stage 2:  Tights become over-the-knee socks, because someone works out that that actually doesn’t look too bad. We accept this too, even although we’re starting to feel a little bit like cheerleaders, because we were totally down with hold-ups, and the over-the-knee socks are just one step removed.

Stage 3: Some bright spark decides that, "Hey! We could mate the leggings with the over-the-knee-socks, and there would be absolutely nothing wrong with that at all!" 

We’re not convinced. Are you?

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