Socks and sandals: no longer a crime of fashion, apparently

socks with sandals


Remember the days when socks with sandals was considered one of the biggest fashion faux pas a person could commit?

We do. We miss those days, actually.

Back then socks-with-sandals tended to be the sole province of elderly British tourists on holiday in the Costa del Sol. They didn’t look stylish, but they weren’t trying to be, so everyone was prepared to turn a blind eye to the thick white socks and the sensible sandals. (Another variation of this look: shorts worn with dress shoes and black socks.)

Those days are gone, however. These days, socks-with-sandals have been embraced by the fashion community. They’re now worn by bright young things: models, fashionistas – anyone who thinks they can pull them off.

The thing about that, however, is that NO ONE can pull off this look with style. No one. Think you can make socks with sandals look elegant? We just don’t believe you. The fact is, the models and fashionistas don’t look any better in this look than the elderly tourists did, despite have all of the advantages in the world. If models can’t make it work, we don’t think anyone can: take this, for instance –

ugly jeans, sock and sandals

Louisa Via Roma

It may seem like a bold statement, but we just don’t think ANYONE could make this look good. Well, anyone other than a toddler, and even toddlers would probably turn their noses up at those shoes. For starters, we’d like to send the cartoon-print jeans back to the 80s. We’d then like someone – anyone – to explain why these jeans are worth £566.


Seriously: WHY? Any one of the items shown in this photo would be bad enough on its own. The jeans would look bad with everything. The shoes would look bad with everything. The socks would be acceptable with sportswear, but not with anything else. They’re all bad, basically, so to combine all three into one look – well, it makes us suspect Louisa Via Roma are just trolling us now. It’s the only explanation… surely?

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