Sock Horror! Gladiator socks by Mini Sock


It’s been a while since we last had a Sock Horror to report  to you, but this one’s a doozy. They’re Mini Sock’s ‘Shanghai’ lycra tie front socks, and we suspect they have the power to make even the shapeliest of legs look… strange.

At first glance, we actually thought these were boots, and actually, we’re not sure whether that would’ve been better or worse. If you don’t like gladiator boots, though, we’re guessing you’re not going to like these much either, and we can’t help but imagine with horror:

a) all of the faffing around of a morning as we struggled to lace-up our socks. Yes, we’re lazy.


b) the "attractive" lines that would be left on our legs when we wore these. Ever had a "sock elastic" imprint left on your ankle? This would be so much worse.

Of course, if you disagree, and think these are the best things since gladiator sandals themselves, you’ll find them at ASOS where they’re £35. Yes, £35. Oh, and there’s also an ankle sock version available, and a pair of the knee-highs which have lace at the back. Oh dear… 

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