Sock Horror! Bestsey Johnson’s Peek a Boo lace up socks


OK, we admit it: we just don’t really like socks. In any form. It’s one of our endearing little quirks. And while we’re in the virtual confessional, we may as well just say that we’re not all that keen on things that lace up, either, whether they be shoes, dresses, or, indeed, socks. Socks just aren’t meant to lace up. When they do, they look kinda of weird, really, and man, can you imagine the tan lines you’d get if you wore these bad boys out in the sun?

These are Betsey Johnson’s Peek-a-Boo lace up socks, and they look to us like they might stop at that unflattering mid-calf length. If you can live with that, though, and if there’s $12 just burning a hole in your pocket, you’ll find them at Amazon.

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