I love love love these boots. I cant believe …

Comment on Sock boots from Betseyville by Betsey Johnson – boots pretending to be socks, pretending to be holiday sweaters by Bella.

I love love love these boots. I cant believe winter came and gone and I let them pass.

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Shy’m in “dubious legwear” fashion crime
Hmmmm… usually I am pretty open minded with fashion. With legwear I like it loud… but this is a little too much for me. Yes, they are spats.. but a little too busy.

Sock Horror! Silk Toes half socks
People wear those half socks with clogs and other shoes for cleanliness. They soak up sweat. Your feet sweat several gallons a year actually. I personally am not a fan or half socks but I can see how they would help. Me personally – I wear full socks or no socks with dress shoes.

Fashion Trends: Red Skinny Jeans
I love my red skinnies!! Haha Bongo?? Wow.. I remember that brand.

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