Social Media Style: Is Instagram Changing The Way We Look At Fashion?


social media style

It’s no question that social media has had an impact on every single aspect of life. It has changed the dating scene. It is a major aspect of the political world. It is essential for advertising. These are just a few of the things that social media affects, but the one thing that we are going to discuss is fashion (this is a fashion website, after all…). In 2018, it seems like social media and style go hand-in-hand. Of all the social media platforms, Instagram is the one most intimately linked with the world of fashion. We’re taking a closer look at how fashion presents itself on Instagram below:

The Fashion Influencers

Fashion influences are the people who use Instagram as a sort of virtual scrapbook of their best looks. These people have mastered fashion and they know exactly what looks great. They have their own unique, personal style that is statement-making and eye-catching. Scrolling through their Instagram, you’ll find many #OOTD postsĀ  (“Outfit Of the Day” for those of us who aren’t hip.) These are the fashionistas who have thousands, sometimes millions of followers. This is because they are trend-setters. Most of the fashion influencers have a certain aesthetic to their Instagram pages and it only makes their outfits look that much better in each post. Those that follow them do so because they want to emulate their style. They take inspiration from them and use it to create their own wardrobe. We refer to them as the “fashion followers”…

social media style

The Fashion Followers

Fashion followers are the largest aspect of Instagram and fashion. Odds are, you’re likely a fashion follower yourself. (I mean, we’re just figuring…you’re reading a fashion article on a fashion website, so you’re interested in fashion at least a little bit, right?) Fashion followers have a strong interest in fashion and they look to Instagram’s fashion influencers for some inspiration. Maybe they haven’t nailed their own personal style yet, or maybe they just love seeing great outfit ideas. Either way, they love browsing through the Instagrams of popular fashion influencers and they even take note of where these people have gotten some of their items, so that they can go get them for themselves from one of the “fashion masters”…

social media style

The Fashion Masters

Fashion masters are the clothing retailers of the world. This includes major retailers like Nordstrom and Bloomingdales, and smaller retailers like ModCloth and Nasty Gal. This even includes independent clothing retailers who are trying to build a following. Instagram has created an immense platform for clothing retailers to promote their products. Back in the day, the only way to advertise your new inventory was through a monthly catalog that only reached a limited number of people. Now clothing retailers can show off their latest items to billions of people anywhere in the world. This has helped increase sales exponentially. Customers see items on Instagram that they may have never otherwise seen. Most retailers have mastered a certain style for their Instagram pages, making items look far better than they ever would on the rack and inspiring people to visit their stores or websites to buy things right away. In fact, most retailers now have buttons on each of the posts on their Instagram pages that will take the follower directly to the products featured in the post. Talk about convenient!

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All in all, Instagram and fashion have a beautiful relationship. Instagram is great for fashionistas, fashion lovers, and fashion entrepreneurs. We cannot wait to see how social media continues to have an influence on the world of fashion!

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