Soak Up the Sun: 10 Perfect Swimsuits Available At ModCloth

Winter is finally long-gone and Summer is quickly approaching! That means it’s time to invest in the perfect swimsuit to hit the beach in. We looked to one of our favorite retailers, ModCloth, to check out the newest bathing suits on the market. ModCloth is known for its retro and vintage-inspired items, and these swimsuits are no exception. Check out ten perfect swimsuits available at ModCloth right now:

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1. Daylight Dip, $79

one piece bathing suits

We love this rainbow striped bathing suit! The strategic cut-out in the front actually makes it look like a two-piece!

2. Beach the Alternative, $117

one piece bathing suits

This tropical-patterned swimsuit is totally gorgeous, with its wrap-around neck line and belted waist.

3. Beach Blanket Bingo, $89

one piece bathing suit

This polka dot swimsuit is jaw-dropping and brings us back to the pinup style of the 30’s and 40’s.

4. Working Tidal, $109

one piece bathing suit

This all-black bathing suit is simple, chic and stunning.

5. Splash It Out, $119

one piece bathing suit

This dark green swimsuit is simple and sleek. The cutouts down the center give it a subtle, sexy look.

6. Fruity Suity, $89

one piece bathing suit

We think this retro-style bathing suit with a cherry pattern is totally adorable and super-flattering!

7. Rimini Radiance, $107

one piece bathing suits

How stunning is this navy blue bathing suit? We love the sheer striping at the waist and neckline!

8. Dive Me Crazy, $125

one piece bathing suit

This crimson-colored bathing suit is completely gorgeous. The plunging neckline makes it super-sexy.

9. Lagoon Living, $85

one piece bathing suits

This bright blue floral swimsuit with ruffled short sleeves is beautiful and unique. It will certainly make a statement at the beach!

10. Shoreline Itinerary, $79

one piece bathing suits

This bold, striped swimsuit is taking us right back to the 70’s and we’re totally in love with it!


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