Snowjoggers: The New Uggs?


They’re chunky. They’re clumpy. They come in a selection of colours, including baby pink, electric blue and Darth Vader black. They’re Snowjoggers, and they’re probably coming to a pair of feet near you, soon. Be afraid. Be very afraid…

By now, you’re probably looking at the picture above and thinking. "These are ski boots. Why is she showing us ski boots on a fashion blog?" And here we come to the crux of matter. You see, while Snowjoggers fans use much the same reasoning for their footwear choices as people who wear Crocs – "They’re comfortable! And warm!" – Snowjoggers wearers don’t actually wear them in the snow. No, they wear them to the mall, to the coffee shop, to go out with friends – in fact, to all kinds of places where there’s not a snowflake in sight. In short, they wear them, not for any practical purposes, but as fashion items – much like Uggs, in other words. Indeed, like Uggs, they’re starting to attract a bit of a celebrity fan club, with the likes of Sienna Miller, Paris, Lindsay – all the usual suspects, in fact – being seen wearing them. (Nowhere near snow, we hasten to add). 

Well, personally The Fashion Police think Snowjoggers are much worse than Uggs. While I’ve reconciled myself to the wearing of Ugg boots for those cold, lonely winter walks with the dog, I just can’t imagine myself ever thinking Snowjoggers were an acceptable look: unless, of course, I was actually going to be out in heavy snow, in which case, who cares what your feet look like?

What do you think, though? Do you think Snowjoggers are the new Uggs? Has the national obsession with ugly winter boots just taken a turn for the worse? Or would you rather wear shants than be seen in a pair of Snowjoggers?    

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