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Slicker Lace-Up rubber boots by Michael Kors – where would you wear them?

Michael_kors_boots Shoes like this continue to confuse us. The practical-looking rubber uppers, you see, seem to be saying, "Hey, lookit us! We’re off for a long walk in the muddy countyside!" But then the high heels seem to be saying, "Er, no we’re not."

Which of these two conflicting voices is telling the truth? Just where did Michael Kors envisage people wearing these boots, which aren’t practical enough for rugged, outdoor pursuits, and not stylish enough for… well, for anything else, basically.

Oh, and they’re ugly. Why must rubber boots always be ugly? (Oh yeah, because they’re rubber boots. Our mistake.)

Help us out here, readers: tell us where you’d wear these boots – if, of course, you’d wear them at all…

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