Style on Trial: Skorts

Skort Skorts. You know what we mean: from the front, they’re skirts. From the back, however? Shorts! Ain’tt that clever? They’re sort of like the sartorial equivalent of the mullet, except in this case the party’s in the front, while the business is in the back.

What do we think of our friends the skorts, though? Are they crimes of fashion, or are they just practical solutions to the ongoing dilemma of what do do when you want to wear an extremely short skirt, but still be able to bend over in it?

We call "fashion crime", personally. This is because we have a deep-seated prejudice against items of clothing which pretend to be other items of clothing. This applies to boots that pretend to be socks, tops that pretend to be two tops, and, we’re sorry to say, skorts. We feel that clothes should stand up and be counted: they should not be ashamed to be what they are, and if they want to be mini skirts, why, they shouldn’t look like shorts from the back.

What do you think?

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