save or splurge: stripe pencil skirts

Save or Splurge: Stripe pencil skirts

We first reported on the bold stripes trend a few months ago, and now that it’s in full swing, and we’ve been seeing in black and white for the past few weeks, we’ve noticed that one particular item has started to emerge as the leader of this particular look. We refer, of course, to the stripe pencil skirt. Now, there’s no shortage of these skirts to choose from right now, and we’ll get to that in a minute. First of all we need to answer the pressing question: if you were in the market for a stripe pencil skirt, would you save or splurge? Splurge: Robert Rodriguez, £174 | Save: Oasis, £40 Possible Saving: £134 In this particular case, you…

The ugliest skirts in the world

The Ugliest Skirts of 2012

While skirts aren’t quite as prone to taking a beating from the ol’ ugly stick as their sisters, dresses, are, there are still some designers out there who struggle to make this most simple of items without making it see-through, indecently short, or giving it a drop-crotch. It shouldn’t even be possible to give a skirt a crotch, should it? Trust us, though: it is. In fact, there are all kinds of ways to make a skirt ugly: here are just a few of them… (For the original arrest reports on these items, go here)

Miss Selfridge tapesty print skatet skirt

High Street Shopping Pick of the Day: Miss Selfridge tapestry print skatet skirt

Miss Selfridge tapestry print skatet skirt, £35 For today’s High Street Shopping Pick, we don’t just bring you something pretty to look at: we also bring you a whole new word to learn, for this, you see, is not a “skater skirt”, but a “skatet” skirt. We’re going to assume that refers to an ickle tiny wee version of a skater skirt, but it could also simply be a typo on the Miss Selfridge website. We may never know. What we do know, however, is that we rather like this. Tapestry print can look a little old fashioned on the wrong item, but the short hem and lantern shape keeps this modern, and it’ll look good with opaque tights now,…

how short is too short

When is a mini skirt not a mini skirt?

When is a mini skirt not a mini skirt? When it’s just a flimsy scrap of fabric, slung loosely around the hips, of course. In fact, in that case, it’s not even a SKIRT. Or an item of clothing for that matter. It is, however, most definitely a crime of fashion. And Rick Owens is a criminal mastermind, for his ability to persuade people to pay £155 to go out without their clothes on. [Click here to buy it]

mullet skirts

Style Trial: Mullet Skirts

[Skirts: GoJane] It’s no use: we’ve been hoping that if we just ignored them for long enough, mullet skirts (or high-low skirts, if you prefer) would quietly slink off back to wherever they came from. Here we are, though, well into summer 2012, and the skirts that are party in the front and… well, party in the back, too, actually… still seem to have a stranglehold on fashion. We can’t remember the last time we looked at a street style blog or fashion editorial that didn’t feature at least one wispy mullet skirt wafting artfully in the breeze, most often worn with some kind of clunky shoe-boot, and a crop-top of some kind. So we’re putting them On Trial. Well,…

Men in skirts

Men in Skirts: Rick Owens mens drawstring skirt

We’ve long been of the opinion that as women are able to wear pretty much whatever they like, we can see no reason whatsoever why men shouldn’t be able to do the same, and slip into a skirt or dress every now and then, if they feel the need. The “male skirt”, however, is a look that’s never really made it into the mainstream, so we were interested to see this one as part of Rick Owens’ current menswear collection. Regardless of which gender wears it, we tend to think it’s a pretty ugly skirt, if we’re perfectly honest. What about you, though: can you see you/your guy rocking this? Think it’s a look that’ll catch on? And would you…

model in ripped pink skirt

Crime of Fashion? Elliot Atkinson layered ruffle pirate skirt

Those pesky kids! They’ve gone and TP’d a model again! That SO wasn’t in her contract, you guys… This wispy pink skirt is by Elliot Atkinson, and if we were being tactful, we would say that it’s feminine and etheral: you know, the kind of thing a woodland nymph, say, might wear. If we were just being honest, though, we’d say it looks a bit like one of those awful moments when you walk out of the bathroom and stride across the restaurant, totally oblivious to the fact that you’re trailing half a roll of toilet paper after you. Some people pay to look like that, folks. They pay $665 for it. We’re not joking. Which side are you on: woodland…

skirt cardigan

Skirt… or cardigan? You choose!

Is it a skirt? Or is it a cardigan? It’s both! One minute it’s a really ugly skirt: But the next minute? It’s a cardigan! Isn’t that… clever? At first, we thought this garment was only a skirt/cardigan (a “skirtigan”?) hybrid in the same way that ANY cardigan tied around the waist could be described as such. Upon closer inspection, however, we see the “belt” around the neckline and the “skirt” at the hem, which makes this the ingenious and versatile item it is, and totes justifies the $900 price tag, don’t you think? Want it? Then buy it!  

Anthony Vaccarello skirt

The Thigh’s Not the Limit

“Um, miss? So sorry to have to tell you this, but you seem to have tucked your skirt into your knickers by mistake: how embarrassing!” There is a point where “sexy” becomes “just plain uncomfortable/awkward looking”. We’d argue that this skirt has reached that point. If you disagree, however, and you have a spare  £542 burning a hole in your pocket, you can click here to buy it from Louisa Via Roma,

chiffon maxi skirt

Crime of Fashion? Brose ‘Jill’ chiffon maxi skirt

SUSPECT: Brose ‘Jill’ chiffon maxi skirt, $495 SPOTTED: Shopbop ACCUSED OF: Making its wearer look like a giant stuffed animal At first we thought this was a “plush” fabric. You know, like a teddy bear? In a skirt? But it’s not. No, it’s chiffon. Chiffon: that wonderful, floaty, feminine fabric. That still looks like a teddy bear in a skirt in this case: or it does to us, anyway. How does it look to you, though? Are you digging teddy bear chic this summer? [Click here to buy it]

Marc Jacobs ruffled plastic skirt

Plastic Fantastic? Marc Jacobs ruffled plastic skirt?

Some might say that a £550 plastic skirt is always going to be a Crime of Fashion, regardless of what it actually looks like. Others might say that, why, this skirt is “avant-garde” (Yes, Net-a-Porter, we ARE looking at you) and therefor totes fashion-forward and automatically awesome. Plus, it was on the Marc Jacobs RUNWAY, and he is a DESIGNER, and DESIGNER fashion can NEVER BE WRONG BECAUSE IT IS OMGART. (Fashion victims, we’re looking at you now…) We, meanwhile, just say that, you know, at least Scarlett O’Hara had a decent pair of curtains to make her dress out of. Today’s women, they have to cobble together a skirt out of a collection of old rubbish bags. So sad!…

rick owens mini skirt fashion crime

Crime of Fashion: Rick Owens “mini” skirt

When Rick Owens makes a skirt, it’s not like when other people make a skirt. And thank Science for that. (Seriously, coffee and doughnuts to the first person who can give us a plausible reason why they’d want to a) wear this and b) pay £610 for it. And no, “costume party” doesn’t count.) [Product Page]

phillp lim skirt

Stuck-Together-Clothes Crimes: Phillip Lim Sweatshirt Skirt with Waist Tie

Sometimes, tying a sweater around your waist – or hips, even – can look cute, in a casual kinda way. And it can be practical, too, because it’s a completely hands-free way to carry a spare sweater for when it gets cold – yay! It’s not QUITE as practical when the sweater is actually ATTACHED to the skirt, though, as in this Phillip Lim creation, is it? Not in the least bit practical, actually. You’re not going to be wearing that sweater, sister, no matter how cold the weather gets. Not unless you’re prepared to remove your skirt in the process, anyway. The sweater, then, has completely failed to fulfil its purpose in life: being a sweater. It therefore goes straight to…

Zara asymmetric skirts

Style on Trial: Asymmetric skirts at Zara

Asymmetry in fashion has been around for as long as… well, for as long as symmetry has, basically. For the past year or so, however, we’ve been seeing a whole lot more of it than usual, and the epicentre of the asymmetric universe can be found at Zara, where it’s currently difficult to find a skirt that DOESN’T have one side longer than the other. What do you think of these wonky-hemmed wonders, Fashion Police jurors? Zara have created a whole collection of them for you, as you can see from the gallery below, and if you like the asymmetric look, you’ll have plenty to choose for. Some of the skirts have the longer section at the front, for instance,…

black pencil skirt

Fashion Crime in Progress: Adam Andrascik torn skirt

Look, everyone! Here’s a boring black pencil skirt, suitable for a day at the office, and which… EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY! Can all Fashion Police units report to Selfridges, where we’re getting reports of a vicious and unprovoked attack on an innocent skirt! We repeat, this is an emergency! Adam Andrascick is our chief suspect in this case, and readers, if you see him, please, DO NOT ALLOW HIM NEAR YOUR CLOTHES: he may be armed, and he’s definitely dangerous… (Click here for the product page) Thanks to Officer Paven for the report!

pannier skirt

Do our hips look big in this? The pannier skirt makes a comeback

Good news for those of you who’ve secretly always wanted to live in the 18th century (and seriously, WHO DOESN’T?): the huge-hipped look can now be yours, thanks to this pannier skirt by Meadham Kirchoff. Yes, it’s huge. Yes, it looks like antique underwear. Yes, it’s £1,020. Yes, doorways may be a problem. And your hips WILL look big, we’re not gonna lie. So, basically, we have an item which is expensive, ridiculous and totally impractical: isn’t that what fashion’s all about? [Product page]

Red midaxi skirt from ASOS

Meet the Midaxi: the new hem length in town

Today, readers, we add a new word to the Fashion Police glossary: meet the “midaxi” skirt! A new word it may be, but this isn’t exactly a new idea: skirts this length would’ve been pretty commonplace during the early part of the 20th century (and at various times since), and as the name suggests, this is a hem length which falls somewhere between a midi and a maxi. Hence “midaxi”. Clever, huh? We think we can probably predict what you’re going to have to say about this. ASOS, bless them, have done their best to make the midaxi look appealing, by making it in a bright red colour, and giving the model some skyscraper heels and a dinky little clutch bag:…

fitting room review

Secret Police: Vanity-sizing at La Redoute

The Fashion Police’s undercover officers are infiltrating fashion retailers around the country in order to bring you honest, unbiased reviews of the clothing and footwear they find there. Today, they visit Le Redoute to investigate a bright green mini skirt… Officer: The officer’s identity has been concealed in order not to blow his cover. We can, however, reveal that our officer is 6ft tall, with a waist size of 34″-36″, and is a MAN. Note: THIS IS NOT YOUR CHIEF OF POLICE!) Item: Green A-line skirt, £15, La Redoute Sizing: Where do we start? This skirt is a UK size 6, which, in my experience (this is the Chief of Police speaking, by the way, although, once again, I feel…