Ask the Fashion Police: Do skinny jeans suit everyone?

Skinnyjeans Dear Fashion Police,

I was given some money for Christmas and I want to use it to buy some new jeans. My friend suggested skinny jeans, but I’ve always assumed they were only for skinny people, which I’m definitely not! Can they suit anyone? (I’m a classic pear shape, with short legs, if it helps.) ~ Amanda

Skinny jeans are actually much more versatile than people tend to think, and can be worn by lots of different shapes and sizes – not just skinny people! In answer to your question, though: no, they don’t suit everyone. Like any item of clothing, they’ll be less flattering on some shapes than they will on others (although this has nothing to do with weight), and the only way to find out is to try them on.

If you do decide you want to wear them, my suggestion would be to wear them with long line tops or tunics, wear leg-lengthening heels rather than flats if you’re self-conscious about your legs, and finally: if you’re at all unsure, go for a straight legged style instead – they give a similarly "skinny" silhouette, but are a little more forgiving on the leg!

What does everyone else think? Do skinny jeans suit everyone?

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