Hello. Yeah I am of multiracial background, and I’d say …

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Hello. Yeah I am of multiracial background, and I’d say I’m pretty light colored compared to other blacks, biracial, or multiracial people (often called high-yellow or something of the sort. Anyways I’ve also had people tell me that I’m too pale, not directly saying it but making rude comments.

Kind of funny actually my hair is naturally black and I had it colored a more reddish brown. I guess that people kind of got used to that for a while, and when I dyed it back to black I had a pretty African American girl give me a compliment that turned into an insult. What she said to me was “I love your hair that way” and then said “so Gothic” with a snobby little laugh.

People are going to have a problem with anyone or anything I think, no matter what just so that they can wine. Also, I will mention that while I was growing up that I’ve never known a single man to find a pale or light skinned woman Unattractive in fact they’ve always seemed to favor them more that I’ve seen. Maybe some people are just rediculously jealous?

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