I’m from the southern california area, where tanning is seriously …

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I’m from the southern california area, where tanning is seriously de rigeur for most people. I’m white but not naturally pale, and tanning has never really been a “thing” for me, although I should probably be more careful.

My best friend, however, is obsessed (she ALWAYS says she’s ‘pale’ – even when she’s practically brown) so we’ll go “tanning” but for me it’s mostly about lazing around in the warm sun and sleeping 🙂
It makes me sad, however, that she always feels the need to be darker and never really wears sunscreen.. I know skin problems are probably in her future.

However I know it does go the other way around. Magazines and advertisements will usually lighten the skin of celebrities of non-white ethnicities…. (l’oreal’s image of Beyonce is a big example… however, she seems to have allegedly bleached her skin now herself or something). I also have a friend who’s black but very light-skinned and gets criticism from other black people for not being “black enough.”

Such annoying mixed messages!! I think everyone should be happy with the skin color they’re born with!

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