I understand entirely, being a fellow Aussie who recently re-located …

Comment on Skin Colour is Not a Fashion Statement (And no, we won’t “get a tan…”) by Grace.

I understand entirely, being a fellow Aussie who recently re-located to QLD. My skin is naturally very fair, a nod to my Eastern European background, but I have the typical ‘Australian’ dirty blonde hair and green eyes. I’m often told I’d look like ‘a beach babe’ if I just got a tan. People often don’t believe me when I tell that that a) I don’t tan well and b) my eczema is irritated by sun burn/tanning. They seem to think it would be preferable to have any kind of bronzeness, even if it means that my skin is broken out in a dry itchy rash, that to be naturally pale.

So what if my legs are so pale that I shine like a light bulb under the strong Queensland summer sun. It just makes me more visible and so less likely to be hit by a car when walking or biking down the street, like a natural reflector vest. *shugs*

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Fashion Police at the 2012 Oscars: Viola Davis in Vera Wang
The dress is beautiful from the waist down (not going to talk about the rest), her hair and makeup look wonderful. Am I the only one who doesn’t like this shade of green on her though? Just seems to be the wrong shade for her undertones, it looks a little weird and jarring. Could just be my computer screen settings though, judging my everyone elses’ reactions.

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I am guilty of the bun, but not sure if it counts as a ‘blogger’ bun because I have dreadlocks. My excuse is that it’s just incredibly practical for hot days and housework. My grandmother also gave me incredible macaroons for xmas that she made herself, but also not sure if this counts because it would have been cake like everyone else were it not for my celiac disease. So….accidental coolness? Yes? Please???

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Lovely, but it kind of looks like she’s got a long piece of toilet paper stuck in her crack. Once you see it…..

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The mesh makes her look a bit trampy, but the length makes her look dowdy. This is the kind of thing I could see a slutty grandma wearing.

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That skirt is bloody terrible. It has no sex appeal and does nothing for the models shape. It makes her look like she has no bum, and out of shame is attempting to hide behind dowdy second-hand clothes.And if that’s how it looks on the model, imagine how it would look on the rest of us!

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